A collaboration with contemporary dancers, vocalists, and live musicians using computer-moderated instruments. Projections blanketed the back wall and the dancing was a mixture of set material and improvisation that included western techniques, folk, and clowning. There was a feast offered and fairy-themed cocktails to raise money for Ukraine. 
We would like to host regular interdisciplinary performances here in Montreal and are always looking for new spaces and people to play with. We believe dance and music performances should be community oriented by providing food and opportunities for interaction.

Music Composition: Isaac Smeele
Musicians: Lydia Desrochers (keys), Gideon Yellin (guitar)
Vocalists: Kathleen Adamson, Dylan Gitalis, Adalia Pemberton-Smith, Isaac Smeele
Artistic Direction: Adalia Pemberton-Smith
Live Dance Composition: Sari Hoke, Marianne Mercier-Dulac, Tiera Pavelich, Elizabeta Zelensky
Photos by Oliver Smith
Photos by Oliver Smith
Photos by Oliver Smith