An exploration into interdisciplinary art as an anti-colonial practice. Bringing comedy improvisation together with contemporary dance, west-coast clown, and traditional theatre, in a playful, rejuvenating 1920's play about unrequited love, following our dreams, and creating magic in a capitalist world. 
Using Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a skeleton we co-created this award-winning Fringe production. We are continuing to research and explore the themes and worlds we imagined. 

Produced by: Adalia Pemberton-Smith
Set and prop design/creation by: Shanthony Exum
Written by: Ngyuyen Dinh, Jean Bernard, and Adalia P.S.
Choreographed by: Sari Hoke, Maddison Dana, George Longshadow, and Adalia P.S.
Performed by: Jeremy Lewis, Cindy Bastien, Chloé Guilbert-Savary, Sari Hoke, Maddison Dana, George Longshadow, Jean Bernard, Ngyuyen Dinh, and Adalia Pemberton-Smith
Photos by: Emelia Hellman